"I love my Ruby Ribbon cami and leggings! They are comfortable, stylish and make me feel like everything is smooth and in place. Mini offered me great advice about how to select and wear my Ruby Ribbon clothes and she made the whole experience so much fun, I will always check with her first before heading to a regular store. Thanks to Mini, I am feeling more put together and feminine than ever! "

Cindy D. 


"I have known Mini for many years and she is a true Fashionista that knows the importance of every woman feeling beautiful inside and out. I have purchased my creme products from her and they are of the highest quality. I am now hooked on the Ruby Ribbon."

Monica Pena


Shaping Essentials

Featuring an innovative technology called Intomi by Ruby Ribbon™, each piece in the collection is designed to smooth, hug, shape and slim a woman's body



As a certified Image & Style Coach, I provide women with the skills to take control of their wardrobes. Below, is a list of several programs that I offer my clients to manage their fashion concerns so they feel confident and beautiful.

My ultimate goal is to help women up-level their styles so they can up-level their lives.

Prices range from $197 to $997

Master My Style

StyleFinder ID® Strategy + Personal Image
Blueprint + Closet Clarity + Personal Shopping Experience

This is your unique recipe for mastering your personal style and building your perfect wardrobe for years to come.


Step Up My Style

StyleFinder ID® Strategy+ Clothing Critique (up to
15 items) + Closet Clarity

This is your unique recipe for mastering how to shop for your personal style and build your perfect wardrobe.


Jump Start My Style

StyleFinder ID® Strategy + Clothing Critique (up to
10 items)

This is your unique recipe for building your perfect wardrobe (and getting your mojo back)!

What's My Style

StyleFinder ID® Strategy + 1 Hour Coaching

Test the water before your unique recipe for building your perfect wardrobe (and getting your mojo back)!



With each package we begin your journey by creating a blueprint that outlines your personal wardrobe strategy and helps you to know what to wear and, plain and simple.

You’ll learn the 5 elements of your personal style and how to make them work for you - not against you!

Our proprietary StyleFinderID® System will help you to:

Have you lost touch with your style? Do you even know what your style is?
It is my true hope and desire that your StyleFinder ID® will help you feel more yourself in everything you do from getting dressed to marketing your business to the gifts you give. It’s more than just words–it’s a way of life!

Get started now!

Mini Moons